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"What a wonderful thing, to bring Christine to life in this way!  How exciting it is to know that Christine is being made available to a wider public." 

Tracy Adams

Author of Christine de Pizan and the Fight for France

“How do you present a medieval trilingual political thinker, who also happens to be a woman, to a modern American audience?  Suzanne Savoy does a magnificent job by centering her presentation on the person of Christine.  She concisely conveys the enormous range of Christine's work, and her pronunciation of the Middle French is impeccable.”

Earl Jeffrey Richards

Author of Political Thought as Improvisation: Female

Regency and Mariology in Late Medieval French Thought

"In one of the most stunning performances I have ever seen, Suzanne Savoy brings to life the passionate loves and political commitments of Christine de Pizan. If there was ever any doubt that medieval women made vibrant contributions to literary salons and debate rooms of the day, Savoy lays them to rest. Run, do not walk, to see this one-woman-show, extraordinaire."

Kimberley Manning, Ph D

Principal, Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Montreal

"Christine De Pizan was a rare figure, exerting a powerful influence over the France of her day, which was the most important nation in Europe.  She left us with a variety of texts, and Ms. Savoy has selected some of the most personal and poignant among them to form a character from this magisterial woman. In choosing to bring Christine to life with her own letters as a script, Savoy eschews the peril of many historical dramas--the overweening desire to insert the historian into an image of the past. Instead, Savoy devotes her considerable talents to an enactment that obeys the strictest rules, of accent, period costume as well as basis text. Savoy's voice speaks Christine's words. As such we do not see a dream or a fantasy of a medieval woman, but something quite thrillingly close to the medieval woman herself, in her grandeur, practicality and wisdom. Savoy leaves us with the fascinating task of connecting that life with our own time, and I for one felt compelled to do so. The moments of reflection, as for example when Ms. Savoy bewails the horrors inflicted by the English at Agincourt, and her celebration of Christine's contemporary Joan of Arc, feel tantalizingly close to the goal any historical drama should seek: to bring the past to life. In the hands of an actor as powerful, centered and riveting as Ms. Savoy, one has little hesitation believing that the court of France would listen closely to her story and her ideas. I did."

gray wig gracies.jpg

WINNER OF 2018 GRACIE AWARD for Best Portrait / Biography, Non-Commercial Local Radio, "Christine de Pizan:  Her Name Shall Endure,"   interview and performance  hosted by Sarah Schneider of KMFA Austin.

Michael Saenger, Ph D

Author of Shakespeare and the French Borders of English

"Ms. Savoy...delivered a powerful and intimate performance as Christine, speaking with an impeccable Middle French accent—and occasionally dipping into French—and directly addressing the audience as she recounted the struggles Christine faced, both in her personal life and in her struggle for respect as a writer, poet and scholarly mind during the time period."

Cailin Riley, The East Hampton Press

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